Black Mountain Druid Order (BMDO) Dedicant Path

BMDO_LogoAs I want to focus a bit more on my druid studies than I did in 2012, I decided to join the Black Mountain Druid Order (BMDO). As an independent druid organization physically based in South Carolina, it has a vibrant and growing online community that has attracted me in its focus on discussion around druidry with a practical application to life. In my limited experience, it has a distinctly American air about it in that it focuses on druidry in life and environmental / social concerns without constant references to ancient Celtic reconstructionist stories. I like the Celts, but their lives and stories lost in myth do not exactly speak to my experiences living in New York City.

While I am a solitary druid practitioner, I like ongoing, current, and frequent discussions about druidry. Much of this need is met from my involvement in The Druid Network, though I find an American perspective a nice balance to what I have been experiencing recently. To this point, BMDO is still relatively new for me, so I have decided to begin their Dedicant Path.

I am starting these studies with The Meaning of Awen . . . .

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