Onward and Upward in Druidic Study

onward-upwardEver have a hurdle in your spiritual progress and need to take some time off from it to regroup and make some sense of it? That is what I have been doing since a challenging experience with some druidic study. Two groups I have studied with have led to more challenges (and thankfully, some personal growth), so I am now onto a third, more personal course of study about druidry.

There is not a single approach to spirituality or practice, so learn what we can and move on if faced with something that does not fit. We do not need to justify it to anybody else but ourselves, though we have to do what feels right to us. Otherwise, we are wasting out time and potentially setting ourselves back.

With this said, Onward and Upward! More about my study with my new teacher and facilitator, Cat Treadwell, in my next post. Who better with to study than one who serves with and support The Druid Network!

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